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Tue. - Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
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:00 p.m.
Sun.  10:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Monday - closed
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Palmyra Greenhouse
489 Palmyra Rd
Palmyra Twp., IL  61021-9705
815 285-2800
In 2004, we were fortunate enough to acquire the entire 12 acres of the Historic  Earl James Farm - situated just
outside Dixon in Palmyra Township.  The 1920 craftsman-style house remains under renovation(s), but we are hoping
to have it open at some point for special occasions such as tours (we get asked a lot), Front-Porch coffees & teas, art/
architectural and garden talks.

During our initial settlement period, we had the chance to meet many of you, enjoy all that our area offers....and check
out the existing choices you've had for plants and services.   After much planning, we began construction of a new
greenhouse facility and our distinctive greenhouse opened it's doors to the public in December of 2005 showcasing our
1st-quality poinsettias and a selection of blooming and exotic foliage plants which has remained unmatched in the Sauk
Valley area to date.

Our production 'hoops' remain a favorite with our customers as they are able to see first hand the variety of tasks
involved in a real 'working' greenhouse:  propagation of various types; grafting; new plant variety acquisitions; pest
management techniques; container designs in progress (to name just a few).
Our 'retail' facility with a full polycarbonate roof (making this a great place to allow our plants optimal growth
conditions) has been designed to feature a wide variety of blooming and tropical plants as well as an great selection of
fine tools and pottery and other affordable items to compliment the plant-enthusiasts tastes.

We're fortunate to have a 'greenhouse-experienced,' degreed horticulturist/plant fanatic managing our facility as well
as a talented builder/accountant-genius to assure us a truly aesthetic approach to our continued success.  More
recently, we have welcomed two plant technicians/ service specialists to handle the increase in plant production and
maintenance and to help our customers make informed choices.

It's all about the plants!  In our plans, we've set the goal:  out of 100% of operations, 'hard goods,' 'misc. chachka' and
'garden art' will never exceed 20% (thus we are picky about what it is we are stocking).  We're dedicated to bringing
you the infinite wonders of the world of Horticulture and we're sure you'll see blossoms that you 'haven't seen for
ages,' or perhaps have only read about or seen in design magazines - all offered to you only after research and some
testing have been involved.

We believe strongly that quality garden plants come 'true' from seed and therefore our Spring Offerings are 90%  
seeded and grown here on site (inclusive of perennials, annuals, herbs...).   We understand the need for you to know if
there are chemicals used in production which may affect varying pollinators -
so YES, we make it our business to know
which plants have been treated and will advise you freely of that
.  Our other offerings are propagated on site from our
extensive collection of stock-plants and/or brought in as seedlings from quality-assured growers from around the globe.

Advertising is a HUGE expense for any business.  We don't do it much.  We believe that 'plants should be affordable
and easily available to all interested' - an approach that allows us the courtesy of keeping our prices surprisingly low
for you.  We rely heavily on 'word of mouth' and believe this method allows us to readily reach you....and also allow
you the opportunity to experience us through the eyes of friend before you visit!

We carry the experiences of multiple types of design-work (exterior, landscape and interior), but we do not sell
'fresh-cut' flowers or provide landscape services.   Ask, and we'll give you our best shot at a good referral for

We are continuing to advance with our plans of expansion to our existing facility wich will allow us to provide you will a
larger selection of quality plants and merchandise.  We continue to acquire knowledge, germplasm and technology to
grow and create the best 'green' experience possible for you in the Sauk Valley region.

As we are the only greenhouse in the area to remain open and in full production throughout the winter months of
Illinois, we've become a favorite spot to visit and soak up the sun while being enveloped with humidity and the beauty
of ever-present blossoms.  Six days per week (sorry,
closed Mondays), we welcome you always.
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